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Team Technology

Team Technology consultant & Services Co., ltd. is an engineering technical apply in mechanical to mechatronic solutions company, delivering end-to-end innovations for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, smart building automation, fire and essential safety.

“We have the expert and specialist personnel with 30 years experience in Air Conditioner Systems in Thailand.”

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Vision & Mission

Preservation environment

Preservation of the environment concerning climate change and energy conservative.

New innovations

for customers to meet their special needs and even exceed expectations

Well train technical

Our professional engineering team have good experience from our global partner

Preventative maintenance

We work smart HVAC technologies which use an Internet of Things (IoT) system

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We work with idea focus to improving human wellbeing and a mind-set which targets continuousimprovement towards minimal carbon footprints from our partner product AERMEC Chiller complete line both air cooled & water cooled.

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We work to building automation control systems with our global partner “Reliable Controls” Integrated solution for HVAC, lighting, and security.

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We work in close with our global partners who have new innovation for customers to meet their special needs and even exceed expectations. We enable to productive indoor environments that are energy efficient and comply with sustainable.

Integrated Services for air conditioning solution

Our planned maintenance programs contract focuses on comfort, safety, reliability, life-cycle, statutory compliance and preservation of capital equipment. A planned maintenance agreement with Team Technology Consultant & Services will improve the performance of your assets and extend their life.