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Team Technology consultant & Services Co., ltd. is an engineering technical apply in mechanical to mechatronic solutions company, delivering end-to-end innovations for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, smart building automation, fire and essential safety.

Team Technology consultant & services co., ltd. officially opened for air conditioning business on 4th January 1988 in Bangkok. With an emphasis on service and relationships, Team Technology proceed gradually from residential to attained high-profile clients like the largest power producer in Thailand and the premium quality food brand firm group.

Team Technology’s commitment to sustainability is achieved through a proactive, integrated approach to helping our strategy that improves organizations achieve both indoor air quality and energy efficiency in innovative ways.

Now and then Team Technology Consultant & Services Co., ltd. predominantly carried out traditional prescribed service provide main equipment and maintenance of HVAC systems, modern advances technology, energy conservation, controls, automation now drive the company’s integrated service delivery model and special turn key project in customers need.