Vision & Mission


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We are leading companies to find more innovative HVAC products also choosing the right technology combine with use smart intelligence control combine with use smart intelligence control to deliver our services in and integrated to improve for the best indoor air quality and consequently the health, building life safety as well as the preservation of the environment concerning climate change and energy conservative.

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We work in close with our global partners who have a new innovation for customers to meet their special needs and even exceed expectations. We enable to productive indoor environments that are energy efficient and comply with sustainable

We work with idea focus to improving human wellbeing and a mind-set which targets continuous improvement towards minimal carbon footprints from our partner product AERMEC Chiller complete line both air cooled & water cooled.

We work which need state of the art Ventilation system and / or Outdoor air unit (OAU) equipment improve safety and save energy in critical space or special area by positive and negative pressure control function.

We work with fast power solution which project needs fast-track time or emergency, such as building renovation and/or only Chiller replacement by well train technical and our professional engineering team have good experience from our global partner.

We work to meet the decreasing demand for electricity that will help the world stay within the 1.5ºC limit by use Heat recovery chiller for low carbon energy the best way to our customer satisfied.

We work to build automation control systems with our global partner “Reliable Controls” Integrated solution for HVAC, lighting, and security.

We work smart HVAC technologies which use an Internet of Things (IoT) system are embedded with sensors, software, by improving preventative maintenance and predict before it occurs also reduce emergency call.