The ENERGY units are the best example of technological innovation in primary air treatment. This range is purposely designed to minimise energy consumption during use (which account for approx. 80% of the entire cost of the lifecycle of an air treatment machine). The dual heat recovery system (static and active) and the innovative cooling and adiabatic humidification system ensure the minimum energy wastage when bringing the air to the required level for introduction into the rooms. The presence of a damper for total bypass allows free-cooling during the intermediate seasons, taking full advantage of the free high outdoor temperatures. The Energy range fully respects Standard EN1886 with regards mechanical resistance, air seepage, and the thermal and acoustic insulation of the casing.



ENERGY is a primary air treatment control unit with high energy efficiency, for medium/large-sized applications.

  • Air flow rate: 4000 ÷ 25000 m³/h

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