Reversible air/water heat pump Inverter for air conditioning systems with cold water production for cooling rooms and hot water for heating and/or domestic hot water services. Outdoor Installation.

  • Cooling capacity: 3 ÷ 14 kW
  • Heating capacity: 4 ÷ 15 kW
  • Cooling and heating
  • DHW
  • Inverter scroll compressor
  • Inverter axial fan
  • Plate exchanger
  • Pump kit
  • Compatible with ModBus protocol
  • Wi-Fi
  • For two pipes plants


  • Cooling / Heating / High temperature water production even for eventual DHW production
  • Processed water temperature 60 °C
  • Heating operation with external air down to -25 °C
  • Optimised for heating
  • R32 refrigerant


Reversible outdoor heat pump for air conditioning systems where, in addition to room cooling, high temperature hot water is required for heating or for the production of domestic hot water (if coupled with the dedicated HBI_WT accessories) in an efficient and sustainable manner in every season. HMI is designed to meet the needs of the new constructions and renovation markets, replacing or supporting conventional boilers. It can be coupled to low temperature emission systems such as floor heating or fan coils, as well as to more traditional radiators and is already supplied with the main hydraulic components, thus facilitating final installation.

Data Sheet