HSI is the new split inverter hydronic heat pump , more efficient than normal boiler systems. In fact, the heating, cooling and domestic hot water supply (with the addition of the domestic hot water storage tank) is efficiently and sustainably guaranteed in every season.

  • Cooling capacity: 9.05 ÷ 15.5 kW
  • Heating capacity: 8.5 ÷ 16 kW
  • R410A refrigerant
  • Cooling and heating
  • DHW
  • Rotary compressor
  • Axial fan
  • Plate exchanger
  • Inverter device


  • Split unit
  • Maximum efficiency even in harsh climates
  • Production of domestic hot water with outside temperatures from -20 °C to 48 °C
  • Compact dimensions
  • Complete hydronic kit


HSI is a split inverter hydronic heat pump, more efficient than normal boiler systems as it guarantees heating, cooling and distribution of domestic hot water if combined with domestic hot water storage tanks (accessory), efficiently and sustainably all year round. The outdoor unit comprises most of the cooling circuit elements while the indoor unit comprises the plate type exchanger and hydronic kit complete with: water filter, 10l expansion tank, air vent, safety valve, pump flow switch and pressure gauge. The exchange of energy from gas to water takes place in the indoor unit, consequently, the pipes connecting it with the outdoor unit only circulate the R410A refrigerant gas. HSI has been designed to meet the needs of the new constructions market as well as the renovation market, replacing or accompanying conventional boilers. The system can be installed in systems with any hydronic terminal, and is already supplied with the main hydraulic components, thus facilitating final installation.

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