The precision air conditioners of the R series are designed for precision air conditioning of technological spaces with In-Rack installation, offering efficient and localised cooling.

  • Cooling capacity: 20 ÷ 36 kW
  • R410A refrigerant




UFB is a unit consisting of a fan unit with brushless inverter motor, enclosed in a metal structure with mixing chamber equipped with motor-driven damper, electro-static filter and electronic card. This unit is designed to be used in a floating floor, used as an channel for treated air. It is often used in offices or equipment rooms for data centres or similar. The booster units compete to improve the distribution of air in the rooms and perform localised post-treatment with the electric resistor. Using the two ambient air temperature sensors and the underfloor air temperature sensors, the electronic regulation through the positioning of the motor-driven damper, performs a mix to reach the temperature setpoint set with a possible supervision system.

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