Thermodynamic recovery unit. Suitable for air replacement in tertiary/commercial sector environments.

  • Air flow rate: 1100 ÷ 3200 m³/h
  • R410A refrigerant
  • Inverter rotary compressor
  • Plug fan


  • Advanced fixed point setting on delivery
  • Plug & Play installation


RTD is an air replacement, filtration and treatment unit equipped with high efficiency thermodynamic recovery performed by an integrated cooling circuit. The recovery takes place thermodynamically, that is by means of the cooling circuit for heat recovery, without the need of a plate or other type of heat recovery unit. RTD is ideal for the air replacement in tertiary/commercial sector environments (offices, bars/restaurants, waiting rooms, changing rooms, etc.) It is available in three different versions: standard with constant flow rate control, with modulation of the flow rate depending on the concentration of CO2, with inner coil with hot/cold integrating water. With particularly compact dimensions, RTD is suitable for the replacement of air replacement systems already installed in buildings and for the integration of the system with the necessary air replacement system (it complies with the regulations regarding the Indoor Air Quality). The unit operates with two air flows, one fresh air flow coming from outside the building (that must be treated to reach the desired temperature) and an expulsion air flow coming from inside the building from which the energy is collected by means of the cooling circuit (thermodynamic effect). RTD is compact and plug&play (regulation already installed, pre-wired and tested at the factory).

Data Sheet