TRS is an enthalpic heat recovery unit: it can exchange sensible and latent energy for horizontal indoor installation.

  • Air flow rate: 250 ÷ 1300 m³/h



TRS is a heat recovery unit fitted with a hexagonal heat exchanger (to ensure counter-current cross-flow air) consisting of flat sheets of special paper for total heat exchange (sensible + latent) with efficiency levels higher than 60%. Thanks to the use of the enthalpic heat exchanger, there is no formation of condensation so no drainage or collection basin is needed. The unit is fitted with centrifugal fans directly coupled with DC brushless electric motors that respect ERP 2015. The heat recovery unit has a G4 filter on both the outdoor and indoor air intakes, and a bypass damper (free cooling). It is controlled from a wired command panel or from a remote control and wired command panel.

Data Sheet