URX-CF is a heat recovery unit consisting of a static exchanger with aluminium plates and a cooling circuit for heat pump mode. Designed for horizontal indoor installation.

  • Air flow rate: 750 ÷ 3300 m³/h
  • R410A refrigerant



URX-CF is a heat recovery unit containing both a cross-flow plate exchanger, and a complete cooling circuit in heat pump mode. The cooling circuit has a scroll compressor, finned condensation/evaporation coil, electro-mechanical thermostatic valve, 4-way valve, liquid separator, liquid indicator light, filter drier, and all the necessary measuring and safety components. The unit is fitted with centrifugal fans (that respect ERP2015) with forward blades and a directly coupled motor. The rotation speed is controlled by means of an electronic phase-cut regulator. It has G3 filters positioned before the plate exchanger (on both the fresh air and the extracted air), and a differential pressure switch for checking the filters are not clogged. The machine has an advanced adjustment system for managing the cooling circuit and the accessories used (integration coils, free-cooling kit).

Data Sheet